22 Jul 13
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Hello lovely tumblrinos, I’m opening commissions!!

I want to draw for you guys! So email me if you are interested!

A few conditions—

  • You may only use what I draw for you for non-commercial purposes—that means no printing it on T-shirts and selling it for profit unless we agree on it. 
  • Personal use is fine, for example, make your own personal print of it! Tattoo it on your face! Sew it onto a body pillow!
  • I’ll draw any of your characters, fandoms, OTP’s, STD’s, whatever
  • BUT I WILL NOT DRAW YOU PORN OK sorry I have my limits
  • I will queue up commissions based on the order which I receive them, and their level of complexity. (IE, I might knock out a ton of sketches in one day, but spread out more complex pieces over a few days.)
  • I will accept full payment when your commission is first in my queue, if it is under $50.
  • If the price is over $50, I will accept half upfront when it at the front of my queu, and half after completion.
  • Right now I will accept PayPal, but if you know of some other secure online payment that’s more convenient, we can talk about it.

I am opening only a limited number of slots for the time being, so jump on it quick if you’re thinking about it! 

Edit: I just noticed that I accidentally forgot to calculate the colored BG in the multi-character colored sketch examples. =_= Leave it to an artist to mess up with math. The revised prices are now reflected here.


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